Create a Blog: The Roadmap You Need

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How to Create a blog


If you work alone, there are plenty of very good reasons to create a blog. Of course, these reasons can be extended to larger companies, if they have not understood the benefits of setting up a blog, in the current context of business development.


How to Create a Blog: Your First Time

If this is your first time, you must be super impressed by technological issues you do not know – and you’ll see very soon if you pass this initial stage fright, that your fears are totally futile technology.

We all fall into the same trap, and fear of technology is one of our favorite excuses for inaction.

Then, one day, we get the courage and install our first WordPress blog by ourselves … in less than 5 minutes.


“Do not get wrong, it is not hard to install a blog, but rather to give sense to your blog and succeed in the editorial line you want to work on.”


If you are ready, here you have the road map to create a blog

The roadmap for creating a blog is very simple:

1. Prepare your launch plan: do not skip this step, as there are fundamental questions about the mission of your blog and the key issues you should try to clear before you take the jump.

2. Assemble your own blog, by yourself as a professional. You need to make decisions on the best domain name for your project, choose a web hosting plan that suits your needs and choose a professional theme for WordPress that allows you to stand out from the mass of amateur blogs.

3. Then you have to understand how to blog. Whenever you decide to put a face to your opinions, and think about your readers more than satisfy your ego, you should have no difficulties finding interested readers who you can share your articles with.


The key to the success of your blog is coherence + constancy

If you start the path of creating a blog to support the development of your business plan, you should be clear that the focus, almost unique to the needs of your audience, and the constancy in your efforts are the keys to success. On the other hand, you will have to earn the trust of Google.

Be indexed in Google requires an initial frustrating effort , but getting the first visits from Google will help you quickly forget these first steps.

Establish an editorial calendar fixed with 1 post.  Ideally 2-3 posts a week proves to your readers and Google that you’re serious about your project.


How to improve my blog?

After we create a blog and post entries for a few months, very often we are in doubt about whether we are doing well or not.

Most of the problems on a blog that does not generate many visits are of a strategic nature. If you have not chosen your ideal readers, it is very difficult to give them value and is almost impossible to fight against the big news websites for generic topics. The answer lies on the genesis of your blog and its mission. Give it a twist.

In other case, the amount of small mismanaged details can lead to results below initial expectations. Do not worry, there are ways to improve your blog in order to become the next successful blogger.


“Internet Life is made of experimentation and testing. Get used to your new day by day, and enjoy the ride.”

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  1. Reeja says:

    yes i completely agree with you
    trial and error is common here
    SEO and page rank, Google algorithms everything changes
    nice post
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