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Domain Name for a Blog


Hi everyone, This JC with a new article. Today, I wanna talk about how to choose a perfect domain name.


One of the first decisions you will make as a blogger is precisely to choose a domain name. The domain name is your brand online. The theory is simple: your domain name must be explicit, short, and easy to remember. What might be fun is often difficult because the best domains are usually already taken.


So how to choose a good domain name when they are all almost taken? Good question.


Here are some tips to choose a perfect domain name for your blog.


Practical Names versus Creative Names


This is one of the first decisions you must make when choosing a domain for your blog: if you want a domain name that is obvious to users of the Internet or if you prefer something creative. The advantage of having a domain that is clearly related to your topic is that it will help people find it easily in the search engines, since the presence of a keyword (s) in the name of your domain is a positive factor, too.  A domain name that sounds quite logical or intuitive is even easier to remember.


By contrast, a creative domain name can become an excellent brand because it has the great advantage to differentiate you from the competition, making it unique. However, you’ll have to pay the price to make it known to the market.


Find a list of words you could use in your domain name


When on the task of finding an available domain name that is representative to your topic, it might be a good idea to give yourself time to search for keywords related to your field and that are widely used in searches. You can do this through the keyword tool from Google Adwords. If you choose some of those very used words to baptize your domain, it will surely be a great help for your users to easily find you in their searches, and in turn it will make natural organic positioning easier and shoot your web traffic statistics.


Invent your own word


Now, if you want to baptize your blog with a creative domain name, you can be as unique as you can. I give you some ideas that were very effective and can also work for you:


• Create a word (as Squidoo did)


• Use a combination of words that has nothing to do with your blog (Boing Boing)


• Add prefixes or suffixes to real words (Friendster or Engadget)


• Add an article before the word (The Superficial)


If you do not know what you should avoid


The rule is simple, the more obvious your domain name, the better:


• Watch the numbers: A number is distinctive, but can also be misleading.


• Check your Spelling: avoid abbreviations, unless you are 100% sure that your audience will understand them without problems.


• Do not Use Trademarks: if you are not the owner or if you have explicit written agreement of this brand, it is illegal to use a domain name with a trademark.


What extension should I buy for my domain name?


Stay away from no well-known domain extensions like .Biz, .Info or .Mobi. Buy the best one like .Com or .Net or .Org (in this order). If you opt for a functional domain name, it is likely you will have to use more words in your domain name. It’s best to put them all at once, without separating. If you cannot choose – here you have some ideas.


In order of preference:







Check the availability of your domain name


Once you know what type of domain name you want and how you want to develop your brand online, you’ll need to check if your domain is available. This can be done through the page of any web hosting provider. For example, using Godaddy or any of its competition, you can enter the domain name you chose (including their extensions .Com, Etc.) and instantly you’ll know if the domain is available to you. Some sites usually suggest alternative names if you wanted domain name is already taken. This may be, for example, with a variation of the extension, with the addition of a letter or other variants.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. If so, leave a comment and then share it!!! 

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