How many times per week should I update my blog?

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How many times per week should I update my blog?

Surely one of the most common questions many blogger have is: how many times a week should I update my blog? This is a  much discussed topic because there is no exact formula that says how many times you have to update a blog to be positioned correctly, and it depends on the blog, on the topic, on the blogger who writes or even on its readers.
The best thing is to look at yourself and determine your own possibilities as the number of times you could update your blog. For that we need to consider some aspects:

1. Time Available

How much spare time do you have? If you think you do not have much free time each day, do not think to update your blog every day. Why? Because you will not, you can get frustrated trying to keep it updated and would end up leaving. You have to be realistic when setting goals with your blog, so if you have no time you’ll have to reduce the number of weekly publications. It is better few updates than nothing, but do not fail.

2. Knowledge

If the theme of your blog is something you master, it won’t take you long to write your articles. However, if you do not dominate the subject 100%, documenting yourself to write on topics you do not know will take a long time. Your level of knowledge will mark your calendar publications.

3. Writing Skills

Are you fast typing what you want to convey? or it takes you long to translate your ideas?. Your ability to communicate and also to write will be a key point. You might have knowledge and free time, but you may fail on writing. Fortunately, the ability to write is something that you will improve over time.

4. Audience

Depending on the theme of your blog you can write more or less frequently. If the topic of your blog does not allow you generate a lot of content, creating too much content you will be burning your readers because you will be forced to repeat topics.

5. Objectives

What are the objectives of your blog? If for example, your goal is to keep your customers informed with news of your business, you can update your blog whenever there is something new. However, if your goal is to fill a course you’re promoting on your blog, it will make sense to update it daily because you need traffic to get customers who end up buying the training.
As you see there are several points that determine the frequency of updating a blog, and every blog is different. In any case, publish as often as possible, especially at the beginning.


  1. says

    I must admit that I do challenge myself to blog daily. The way that I do this is I write out all my articles and rough drafts during weekends then I schedule them to be posted on my blog for the day.

    As I mentioned before this is a big challenge for me but it’s definitely part of my daily activities.

    Thanks for sharing
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  2. says

    Hi Juan,
    Thanks so much, as always, for contributing to the BizSugar community. You’re right, of course. There is no hard and fast rule about how many times you should blog per week to be successful in your business, because, obviously, every business is different, and most likely the way every business uses blogging is different. There are also personal blogs, news blogs and a variety of other uses for the online publishing platforms. So the real question is what kind of publishing schedule fits your business and your audience.
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