How to Write New Posts Everyday

how to write new posts

How to Write New Posts Everyday


Clearly, it is not easy to update your blog almost every day. However, you should know that if you want to get good results with your blog, you have to update it frequently. Here are some tips that may help:


1. Find a Topic for the Article

When you write every day, it comes a time when ideas become scarce, and it takes you a while having new interesting topics for your site. Use a notebook where you take note of the issues you would like to talk about later on, and carry it with you to take it out whenever you have a good idea.

While browsing or reading news about your niche, you must be aware of new issues you can try on your site.


2. Find References

If you rely on any article or news to write your post, the first thing you have to do is find some references to complete the information you’re providing. Whenever you write a post based on information found in another side, remember to mention the source in your article, as it is considered a bad practice to use information from third parties and not to refer to them.


3. Prepare Links

In the vast majority of articles I write I put links to other articles that can expand the information that I share. Before publishing my article I search in my blog for articles that could provide something of interest. You can also search for items that are not yours and complete your information with links to these ones. For some strange reason, the vast majority of bloggers are a bit reluctant to link to other blogs, but surely this will change with time.


4. Write the Scheme of the Article

Again, I look for pen and paper to make a small scheme with the points I will treat in my post. Writing down these key points helps me a lot because when I start writing the article, I can jump from point to point when I consider that it is clear what I want to convey.


5. Limit the Time for the Article

At first, when you start writing articles, it may take you a while until you finish transmitting what you mean. Practice will cut this time down.


When you write articles is very easy to spin looking, writing and tweaking, so having a plan of action can help you be more productive.



  1. says

    Great post. New articles can indeed be written everyday. It’s just a matter of committing to get them done. If you’re going to be writing a post per day, it’s important that the article be rich in value and not watered down.

    When I first got started blogging, I was posting once per day and I struggled to keep the value and integrity of my post high. Be sure that if you’re going to do this you can dedicate yourself to producing quality post daily as well.

    Again, great piece and thanks for sharing it with our bizsugar community.


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