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Link Building Strategy -  3 Tips to Consider


We all want to get a quick Google positioning, right? If that is also your purpose, we are talking about Link Building strategy, or in other words, finding quality backlinks. 

Finding links is one thing, getting them is another different thing. Web traffic that is generated from your rankings, in a free way, is the gasoline you need to move your project. 

And for this, there is no mystery: my best advice is to try to fill your site of useful and relevant information to your audience, so that people want to link you.


Link Bulding Strategy – Build yourself a network of non-reciprocal links 

This can be done by submitting articles to article directories or by writing for other bloggers – the famous “Guest Posting”. 

These methods are natural methods to get backlinks that Google will end up rewarding. Make sure all the sites where you spend time preparing content for will return in exchange a link with rel = “dofollow”.


Link Bulding StrategyGet links from sites that are well recognized 

I mean, look for inbound links from good PageRank sites like Yahoo, Dmoz, or pages with a PageRank 5 or higher. It is the best natural organic positioning strategy.

If you also get these links reach your most important pages, pages that convert your visitors into customers, much better; you will see a direct impact on your revenue generation.


Link Bulding Strategy Make sure that the pages linking to your site are Indexed pages

You won’t improve your position if the page linking to your site is not indexed by the search engine. It is easy to solve this: just create a Twitter account dedicated to this task. Each time one of your pages get an inbound link, write about it on Twitter, putting a link to the website that has just linked you (not at the front, but to the page with the link to your site).

You can be sure that this page will be indexed soon as Google loves Twitter, so this link will work for your interest in the same moment that it gets indexed.


These principles define the basics of your Link Building Strategy to achieve better positioning on google.

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