Ten Good Reasons to Build a Blog

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reasons to build a blog

Reasons to Build a Blog


Blogging is becoming an increasingly popular activity. Do you think that you should be present in the blogosphere?

Check out this list that I have prepared, with the main reasons that can lead you to feel the need to build a blog.


1. To express your opinions and thoughts

Surely you have something to say, and blogs offer you a good place to put it and hopefully be heard.


2. To promote a product or a service

Blogs are an excellent help to promote your products or services and publicize your business.


3. To help people

Many blogs have their purpose in providing assistance to people who may be going through similar situations like the blogger, sharing life experiences. The net is full of good blogs with tips for parents and health issues, mostly written for this purpose.


4. To settle down like an expert

The truth is that blogs are fabulous tools to impose their authors as experts in a particular subject. To give you an example, say you’re looking to get a job in a certain activity, or want to set up a training course. Well, getting a blog and having it active can help you to legitimate yourself as an expert and expand your online presence.


5. To get in touch with people like you

It is amazing how blogs bring together like-minded people. Therefore, writing a blog can help you find such people to share opinions and thoughts with them. Search engines adore blogs, and people love Google, so what do you think would be the result?


6. To differentiate yourself and convince

Behind many blogs based on socio-cultural issues, there are bloggers who provide information trying to get people to think in a certain way. And this is not all bad. In fact there are plenty of political blogs or social blogs, very well written by bloggers who are looking for a way to differentiate their similarities.


7. To update your knowledge on an ongoing basis

Since the success of a blog depends largely on the frequency of posting articles and on the need to provide information fresh and updated, without doubt, the blog becomes a good way to stay on the crest of the wave and the latest news on a particular subject.


8. To stay in touch with family and friends

The world shrank from the time that the Internet became so accessible. And in this sense, blogs are a great way for families and friends to stay in touch even when they are in different geographical locations. Through a blog you will share stories, anecdotes, photos, videos and more.


9. To make money

Well, you can make money with a blog, too, but it is important to note that most bloggers do not, nor intend to. However, the potential of blogs really exists and you can generate profits, but in exchange for a job and a significant time investment. And indeed, there are a few bloggers who earn good money with this, with patience and effort invested. You can earn income through advertising, and some other activities, such as selling products.


10. To have fun and be creative

Many people start a blog simply because it pleases. Perhaps the blogger is a fan of an actor, a football team or a craft, never mind. And then you feel you have a desire to share your passion with others through your blog. Without doubt, one of the keys for your blog to be successful, is to feel true passion for the subject you are writing about, allowing you to be extremely prolific in your productions. Do not ever get tired. And indeed, several of the best blogs today, started just like small blogs written for fun and just to let the author speak about that passion.


Building a blog is definitely the best way to get attention. But as always in life, effort and patience are the keys to the success of a project.

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  1. Aryan says:

    I would like to add one more reason.. it is to become famous.
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