Tips to improve your posts in 5 minutes

Tips to improve your posts in 5 minutes

Tips to improve your posts in 5 minutes

People like blogs, it is something that is not discussed. And I think they like them because they are written by people and not by companies. People really like to know what other people think, and although it sounds unusual, I like to know what you think.

When you create a blog, you are not totaly sure if your writing is corect or deficient. When this happens, there is nothing better than feedback from your readers.

Here you have some tips for you to improve your posts in 5 minutes:


Link to relevant people

Give strength to your post including links to other relevant blogs that are related to what you’re writing. 


Write brief

It is true that time is infinite, but it is also true that people are infinitely busy. Put your focus on transferring knowledge to your readers at the speed of sound.


400 words is perfect

A lengthy article is easy to forgets and takes longer to understand. It also will take longer to prepare. One short article is the opposite. While most bloggers tend to publish short articles, as you can check in my blog, the rule is not universal. It depends on what your purpose is. 


Write engaging titles

Put your whole argument in the title. Look how to copy ideas from newspapers. People make decisions about reading or not a post in no time. You must learn how to sell your content.


Do it with passion

If you put all of you, if you get into the topics you write, if you become the most demanding of all your bosses, if you love what you are doing, your blog will be successful. It’s that simple.


Use lists

We all love lists, we organize information and make it more digestible.


Edit your articles before publishing

After writing and before publishing it, take a few minutes to re-read it, correct mistakes, find better titles, rearrange the info to make it perfect. And while you’re at the ball, cut everything that is not essential.


Make it easy to take a look at your post

Add a subtitle every two or three paragraphs. Choose short and simple sentences and headlines . This is to help the reader.


Be yourself

As a final recommendation, the most important: do not be a superhero, just be yourself, that will help you beat your records.


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    Thanks for the informative post.

    I find that for me writing a 400 word articles is simply not enough. The odd time I may do it. For most part I write longer articles, as they are often a solution to a problem or an explanation of how certain things work and thus far I had no complains.

    As a matter of fact I believe that the articles keep my readers interested and they often move on to other articles.

    I guess the length of an article does not matter. It is the message that you are trying to convey matters.

    Have a great day,

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