Why a Company Needs a Blog?

| January 23, 2013 | 2 Comments

why a company needs a blog


You Need a Blog for Your Company


Are you still thinking about launching a blog for your business? Well, guess what. Your competitors are not hesitant at all and are keeping your market share.

When properly done, a blog can be a great contribution to your company. Your corporate blog could become one of the most powerful marketing channels, and I assure you the time or money to invest in it well will worth it.

The traditional sales were a seller-buyer simply speech. Now it becomes increasingly necessary a dialogue or an open space between the brand and the customer. And the most appropriate channel to do this is with a blog that becomes a great open space for dialogue. Show your audience that you’re interested in hearing what they want to say, and receive from them the views on issues they consider important. In short, you can form a sort of community.

For your company, the blog will provide a good place to update your information frequently and invest in a bidirectional exchange. And in this, it differs greatly from traditional websites. Think about your corporate website as a large billboard on the highway, and your blog as the toll-free customer service, where you hear personally what people want to tell you. And it is no coincidence that the most renowned CEOs of giant companies are investing worldwide in a blog, because they are convinced of how powerful this tool is.


If you still do not have clear, let me give 8 reasons why your business should have a blog


1. Customers no longer trust advertising

The key is transparency. People need to hear from you what you’re offering. If the client does not trust your brand and you are not there to provide a dialogue that makes them change their mind, guess what happens.

Corporate blogs open a line of communication between you and your customers, and promote the exchange of experiences with your brand in a fresh space where they can say what they feel and what they think about your products and your services. 

The postings on blogs are not sales messages, but active conversations. There is nothing that exceeds the one-to-one, and that is why corporate blogs are a great way to connect in a much deeper level with your customers. 

The blog allows you to communicate more freely and in a more informal and personal way than a website, and soon this will allow your readers feel like they really know you.


2. Nobody is happy to appear on the fifth page of search engine results, right?

Google loves blogs because they provide relevant content to those who are doing research about issues related to your niche.

Having a fresh content, gives you a competitive advantage over more static corporate websites. There are several blogging platforms with features installed to automatically notify search engines of any updates on your site. This is a great advantage, because you have a direct line to search engines.

 Greater and better indexing higher PageRank.

 A corporate blog is a great way to gain links. Other sites may certainly provide links to your post, so it’s a great idea to offer good content from your blog, so that other bloggers in your niche point to your site.

High quality inbound links, better ranking in search engines.

Blogging platforms also offer plug-ins that gives you more tools for SEO, beyond the automatic notification and the keyword density. You will see that will help with handling headings, meta tags, site maps and other automatic functions.


3. Less prepared people are now occupying land

 Outside, there are hundreds of people who are gaining recognition in your industry. Soon you will realize that your experience, your background and your achievements are more valuable than those that these “gurus” offer.

 If you demonstrate superior knowledge and authority in your niche, you will have many more opportunities to stand out from the mass. But you have to be there and fight for space.


4. There is nothing easier than updating a blog

Running a blog is easy even for those who suffer from technophobia.

Anyone with fingers on their hands can make a contribution in a blog. There is no need of any special knowledge, nor technical or programming skills to do so.


5. Few efforts for many benefits: sounds appealing

 Update the contents of your corporate blog is nothing more than writing about a topic that you are an expert and passionate. No need to think about the issues; just talk about your day.

 Blogging is not writing a book. In your blog, you write like you talk. It matters more your ability to connect with people than linguistic perfection of your sentences.


6. You have no other choice

 Blogs are not expensive, both to create and to maintain. There are good alternatives of open source platforms (free!), and there are also a lot of free templates and / or cheap ones that can be tailored to the look and feel of your corporate website, to be viewed and perceived as something coordinated with your corporate identity.


7. Forget forever the Focus Group

 If for you it is important the opinion of your customers, what they feel and their reaction to your products, well, do not spend money on a focus group and start a good time with your blog to get immediate results.

 If a client had anything to say, ask or even criticize, the blog will become the fastest and most effective way to do so. It will allow you to easily manage and create an effective relationship with your customers through the comments.

 Reply to a comment in the blog is to demonstrate a genuine interest in communicating with your audience and to continually improve your products or services.


8. Reinforce your brand

 Branding is the key to generate sales. Usually you will be told that before you make a sale, you need an average of about seven contacts between the brand and the customer, finally they decide to buy. As your blog is updated continuously, without doubt, it will give you lots of opportunities to nurture that connection with a potential client.

And above all, if other bloggers link to your articles, well, those opportunities are multiplied, and the reputation of your brand will increase.


In short, even if you are not aware, there are already conversations and comments about your brand on the web, with or without your participation. So if you do not sum to the social networking revolution and create a conversation with your customers, you will begin to feel the impact of this decision sooner than expected in the results of your account.


Are you ready to create a blog?

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  1. Ti Roberts says:

    It’s a great idea for businesses, regardless of the niche to start blogging. It’s good for bringing in more business and customers, plus building your brand and increasing your creditably. Thanks for sharing.


    • Juan Castillo says:

      I think it is really important for companies to have a blog. This way, they can create a kind of relation with customers and know what their views and needs are. It is a pleasure to have your comment on my blog, Ti.

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