Case Study #1 – From 49 to 1,108 Visits in 3 Days

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Hi all, JC here again


I would like to start showing all my respect and admiration for Lisa Irby, later you will understand why.


As you know,  I am a Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutritional Counselor, and a Part Time Internet/Affiliate Marketer and Blogger.


A couple of years ago, a relative and a friend of mine decided to create a blog about fitness, in Spanish, and then promote their services in this blog. Knowing that I was helping other friends with their blogs, they asked me to help them, so I agreed. I told them everything I had learned and how to work their blog to get more visits. It was there when I was asked where I had learned all that. I told them about Lisa Irby, Ana Hoffman, Yaro Starak, and Darren Rowse, all great bloggers, and talk with them especially about Lisa Irby and her website about how to lose weight and get a flat stomach; they were amazed. A few days later they called me. They had visited Lisa’s site and had fallen in love with this one. They had also visited SBI and decided to create a page like Lisa’s, but using their knowledge as personal trainers. I helped them to create an account with SBI (here is where you will understand why my respects to Lisa), and advised them for a while. Being Lisa one of the best bloggers for me and having learned a lot from her, to show respect to her, I decided not to participate in the project. They accepted and respected my decision, and continued working on their project alone. The site was called and was launched in November 2011.


Earlier this year, one of them called me. They had taken separate ways six months ago. The site had not gone as they thought. There were less than 100 visits a day to the site after a year of work. They were tired and had decided to leave the site. I was asked if I wanted to take the site because each one had started thier own projects, and they were getting better results. I felt that if I accepted, I would be somehow betraying Lisa for all that I had learned from her, but also thought it would be a challenge to put into practice all what I had learned from Lisa and Ana and increase the visits of that site. Finally I agreed to stay with the page.


I started making small changes and working on building relationship with bloggers in my niche. I started to comment on blogs, to work with social networks, and to contact influential bloggers. However, nothing happened in January, the same amount of views ranging from 40 to 100 hits a day. This month, February, I decided to change everything. I changed the “Follow Us” to “follow me”, the “we recommend” to “I suggest”, the “we want to help you” to “my aim is to help you”.  At first, everything was going the same way, but I kept creating relationships, and I kept using the strategies I learned from Lisa and Anna. The afternoon of Friday 22nd, I made some changes to the home of the page, and the morning of Saturday 23rd made other changes, but this time in the content, and guess what happened; I prefer to show you that in graphics:


Friday 22nd:



Saturday 23rd




Sunday 24th:



Monday 25th




As you see, in just three days, I went from 49 to 1108 visits, and all that thanks to implement everything I learned from my greatest goddesses – Lisa Irby and Ana Hoffman. However, there is much work to do yet, and I am on the road.

The Blogger Journey has been created to share with you my journey, my journey to SUCCESS.


I want to present my respects and admiration to Lisa Irby for the great work done in I want to thank both, Lisa and Ana, for the help they give to anyone who wants to succeed in the blogosphere.


Thanks Lisa, thanks Ana, you both deserve all my respect and admiration!!!


Visit “THE SITE” and give me your feedback. Any suggestions will be received with humility and appreciation. Thanks a lot!!


    • Juan Castillo says

      Hi Liudas,

      Thanks a lot for dropping by! I will keep you informed with my progress, no doubt.


    • Juan Castillo says

      It is my pleasure to receive a comment from you in my blog. Lisa and Anna are my idols, and the little successes I am getting is due to everything I have learned from them.

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