From 49 to 1,108 Visits in 3 Days – The Steps I Followed

Well, JC is back


These days have been very difficult for me to do an update on the blog because of the amount of work I have at this time … with people who want to lose weight and get in shape for the summer (as I told you before I am a personal trainer … lol)


Returning to the subject of this post. Some asked me how I got that peak of traffic in just 3 days, and here are the steps or techniques I used to get it.


The first step was to make some changes on the site ( Sometimes making a good presentation helps a lot, “everything comes through the eyes.” If the template is attractive, it calls the attention of your visitors and get them back.


The second step was to comment on blogs and contact, not only with bloggers in my niche, but also with bloggers with niches that in one way or another were related to mine, as fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, cooking blogs, and others. Sometimes we focus just on commenting on blogs that are strictly related to our niche and we are not aware of the potential about commenting on blogs that are related to ours indirectly. For example, a fashion blog, why commenting on a fashion blog, well because imagine that a person wants to buy a pair of jeans promoted on this blog, but this person is overweight, reading my comment this person will see that I have a website with tips for weight loss, and without doubt, she or he will visit my site. So, commenting on blogs with niches that are related to ours in an indirectly way is a good idea.


The third step was to use social networks. To be honest, I do not spend much time on social networks. I work on social networks just the time needed to show my followers that  I DO CARE about what they want say and to show them that I want to help them.


The last step was to answer questions on yahoo. You can get quality traffic from yahoo answers. The technique I use is to leave a link to my website per 3 answers I give. But I must clarify that what can be useful form me may not be useful for you. It’s all about to try.


These are the steps that I have used and still use to get traffic to my website.
Here you have the results before and after applying these techniques:


January Results (Before applying techniques)

January Statistics


February Results (After applying techniques)

February Statistics



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