How to Get More Visits to a Newly Launched Blog?

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how to get more visits


How to Get More Visits to my Newly Launched Blog?

All of us want to be read. Everyone wants to know how to get more visits.

There are many possible answers to this question, and you are only a click to know them.


How to get more visits – Step I – Work your content, do your homework first:


• Your pilar content must present the best of you. Opt for quality over quantity.

• Your pilar content must present the issues in which you are going to develop your blog. Bet on the relevance and approach rather than on a general diffusion line.

• You must have an “About” page where you explain who you are and how you intend to help your readers. No photo, close the door for people to connect with you. It’s not what you want. Put a picture of yourself, and if you can convey “positive waves” in this photo, the better! In many cases, a smile solves everything.

• Do not take too much time to do this. You do not need more than two weeks to prepare these output files. Get a release date, and do not be late.

 Once you’re done with the contents and start to move forward in your quest for the grail on how to get more views on a blog, you should choose a publication rate. Whatever it is, the rate of publication you just choose, follow it for at least six months, ideally 12 months. Rather than go for a high frequency of publication (which may be difficult to connect with the rest of your homework), it is mostly a matter of consistency.

Be consistent with the publication of your blog entries demonstrates consistency and commitment to Google (and Google likes it, believe me) and also respect and serious desire to develop relationships with your readers.

You can decide, for example, that the first thing to do every Monday morning is to write an entry for your blog, and consider it as a routine written in marble. You cannot question or change it. NEVER!


How to get more visits – Step II – Personal Networking


You must take your blog more seriously. Prepare an A4 sheet with the mission of your blog, your motto, and the main benefits of your project and try to define a Call-to-Action.

Contact people in your niche and try to build a relationship with them.


How to get more visits – Step III – Comment on blogs / forums relevant to your niche


Another obvious tactic used by bloggers: commenting on blogs related to the topic of their blog. It seems unnatural, collaborate with your competitors!

Change that way of thinking because the best way to build an audience is going to search blogs that already have it.

Provide value in the conversation: a double wake-up call:

1. First to the author of the blog

2. Second to blog readers. 

Add value; do not try to promote your blog. Let curiosity do the rest.

1 trick: Always use your name (not a keyword) when you comment on a blog and you can refer to your “About” page, since readers who will get in that way to your blog will want to know who you are and how you can help them.

We all want readers involved in real conversations and no spammers who only seek for a link for better position in Google.


How to get more visits – Step IV – List of resources on a popular topic in social networks


The fourth way to explore is to choose a topic on the net and do a research and / or prepare a collection of free PDF resources or Presentations types.

If you spend 10 hours preparing a report that makes sense on a tool or build a list that adds value to a group and also saves a lot of time to your readers, you will probably get your entry somewhat popular in social networks.

But popularity is not everything. If you cannot convert this traffic into subscribers (RSS or email), everything will vanish in less than a week.


How to get more visits – Step V – Guest Posting


The benefits of guest posting are many. It gives the greatest added value strategy when you think about how to get more views to your blog:

• It’s good for your personal brand. You can enter as an expert in your niche, very quickly

• It is good for generating traffic to your blog

• It is good to improve your ranking on Google

Of course if you get a chance to write as a guest author on another blog, give it your best, do not hide anything.


Prove you’re a serious blogger and committed to your project before asking this favor, comment regularly in the blog first, and if you want to minimize the risk of rejection, do not aim too high at first: choose not too popular blogs. Contact the blogger directly with a specific proposal. Bloggers are busy people, get to the point.

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  1. Aryan says:

    As a blogger i always recommend guest posting..not only it helps you to get good back link but also helps to create more follower to your blog.
    Aryan would like you to read…Twitter allows you to find old tweets

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